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Fund research & investment ideas

Fund research

Invesco Perpetual Income & Growth Fund research update
Thu 24 July 2014
Ciaran Mallon, manager of the Invesco Perpetual Income & Growth Fund, doesn't expect the UK stock market to continue rising until corporate earnings improve.

Fidelity Global Focus Fund research update
Wed 23 July 2014
Amit Lodha, manager of the Fidelity Global Focus Fund, is encouraged by the pick-up in global economic activity over the last year, particularly in the US and parts of Europe.

CF Miton Strategic Portfolio Fund - Removed from Wealth 150
Tue 22 July 2014
The CF Miton Strategic Portfolio Fund has been removed from the Wealth 150.

Latest investment ideas

  • HL Multi-Manager Income & Growth
  • HL Multi-Manager Income & Growth
    02 Jul 2014
    Equity income funds can form the cornerstone of almost any portfolio and this fund blends together some of our favourites into one portfolio. It is a great option for investors who prefer to leave the fund selection to our experts, and currently offers a yield of 3.7% (variable and not guaranteed).
  • SLI UK Smaller Companies
  • SLI UK Smaller Companies
    02 Jul 2014
    Smaller companies can offer outstanding opportunities for growth, however they are higher risk and you could get back less than you invest. In recent months, the market has weakened but manager Harry Nimmo believes this is an overreaction and he has used this as an opportunity to top up holdings where he feels prospects remain good.
  • GLG Japan CoreAlpha
  • GLG Japan CoreAlpha
    02 Jul 2014
    Despite the recent setback, we still believe there are plenty of compelling reasons to invest in Japan. The fund has an excellent stock-picking record and is well placed to benefit should Japan return to favour.

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