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Savings & discounts

New regulations have changed how investors are charged for holding funds. We have used the bargaining power of over 500,000 Vantage investors, to negotiate super-low cost funds for our clients. The average ongoing charge for a Wealth 150 fund is 0.79%, and just 0.65% for a Wealth 150+ fund. On a typical transfer of £20,000 our super low cost units could save you up to £440 over the next 10 years. Please note, in common with other platforms there are charges to hold funds in Vantage.

Save up to 5.5% on new fund investments

We've negotiated special terms for our clients which allow us to discount most, if not all, the initial charge on more than 2,200 funds (typically between 3% and 5.5%). On a £10,000 investment for example, this could instantly save you as much as £550. This saving can make an even bigger difference to the value of your fund over the long-term.

The chart below shows the difference between a client investing with no discount, and a client investing through the Vantage Service with a full saving. This does not take into account Vantage fees which will apply.

Initial investment

No discount

You invest £10,000. With no discount your initial investment is only worth...


Discount of 5.5%

You invest £10,000. With our savings your initial investment is worth...


What if your fund doubles in value?

No discount

Although the fund has doubled, your investment is still only worth


Discount of 5.5%

With the extra saving your investment is worth...


Transfer to Vantage chart

Please note this is not a projection of what the investment will grow to but a demonstration of the saving available.

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