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Archived article

Tax, investments and pension rules can change over time so the information below may not be current. This article was correct at the time of publishing, however, it may no longer reflect our views on this topic. If you are unsure of how suitable an investment is for you, please seek personal advice from our award-winning Financial Advisers.

Our solution to investing across the globe

| Head of Investment Analysis | 12 January 2018 | A A A
Our solution to investing across the globe

No news or research item is a personal recommendation to deal. All investments can fall as well as rise in value so you could get back less than you invest.

How will Brexit play out? Where will inflation end up? Will interest rates rise again?

I don’t have the answers to any of these questions. Nor does anyone else. And even if I did, I couldn’t tell you what the impact would be on stock markets.

Events can have a big impact on stock markets in the short term, but trying to predict how such events will unfold, let alone how the stock market will react, is impossible.

Ultimately, share prices have tended to rise over the long term to reflect growth in company profits. So, the main question is: will companies, on aggregate, grow their profits? If you think the answer is yes, and I do, you should be comfortable investing for the long term, and see through the inevitable ups and downs.

The future is bright

The reason I am confident in the long-term outlook for corporate profits is the very reason we should all be happy to invest in the first place – humans and their ability to survive, adapt and flourish. This has been a constant force for over 2 million years. Everything else pales into short-term insignificance.

Consider your surroundings. See the UK's 30 million homes, 26 million cars, 6,700 planes, stocked supermarkets, world-class health service, leading universities, you name it – they all represent the innovation of humans over generations.

This ingenuity, combined with a market system and rule of law, suggests the future will always be brighter than the past. For investors, this should never be forgotten.

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Our solution to global investing

We spend a lot of time trying to identify skilled fund managers. Those who get the big decisions right more often than not. Those who can identify the good companies and avoid the weaker ones. Those who will outshine their peers in the long run.

The best fund managers will never be confined to one sector or region, so it’s possible to have a good spread of UK and overseas investments. We’ve managed the HL Multi-Manager Special Situations Trust for almost 17 years, selecting who we believe to be the best fund managers in their fields. And it’s proven a great success.

We feel the additional layer of management associated with our multi-manager approach more than makes up for the higher charges.

The Trust contains our favourite UK and overseas funds in a single, globally diversified investment. The fund invests in smaller companies and emerging markets which adds risk. Since its launch in April 2001 it has grown by 273%* compared with 167%* for the average fund in the IA Global Sector. Please remember past performance is not a guide to the future.

Roger Clark, who co-manages the fund alongside Lee Gardhouse, our Chief Investment Officer, explains in more detail how the Trust is managed.

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HL Multi-Manager Special Situations - performance since launch

Past performance is not a guide to the future. Source: Lipper IM* to 31/12/2017

Annual percentage growth
Dec 12 -
Dec 13
Dec 13 -
Dec 14
Dec 14 -
Dec 15
Dec 15 -
Dec 16
Dec 16 -
Dec 17
HL Multi-Manager Special Situations Trust 22.0% 5.8% 8.2% 17.2% 16.6%
IA Global Sector average 21.8% 7.4% 4.0% 24.0% 14.1%

More information on the HL Multi-Manager Special Situations Trust

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HL Multi-Manager Special Situations is managed by our sister company, HL Fund Managers Ltd.

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