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Hargreaves Lansdown Mobile Investing Report

  • Mobile investing encourages new generation of investors
  • Exponential growth in trading from mobiles
  • Trump and Brexit spike investor mobile activity
  • Mobile investing trends
  • Hargreaves Lansdown launch new version of the HL app for iPhone and Android

Mobile investing encourages new generation of investors

Research by Hargreaves Lansdown shows that younger people favour using their mobiles to open ISA, pension and investment accounts. Mobile is making investing more accessible and encouraging new generations of investors:

  • 3 in every 5 new accounts opened on mobile are by people aged 19 – 35. This compares to just 1 in 5 accounts on traditional desktops.
  • Average portfolio value opened via mobile phone is around 1/5 of the average account value opened via desktop.

Based on new accounts opened January to October 2016.

Chris Worle, Digital Strategy Director:

“Mobile investing is coming of age and is encouraging a new generation of investors who are looking for the ease and convenience of managing their money on the go.

We continue to see exponential growth in the numbers of people using their mobile to invest, a trend that will continue apace. Macro events such as Trump’s victory, the Brexit vote and the flash crash in August 2015 send people to their phones for news, information and to look out for investment opportunities.

Hargreaves Lansdown’s mobile capability is a key component of our future strategy. Already, more than 60,000 clients a day use the HL app to help them manage their money. The new app aims to build on that success - offering a truly market-leading experience and functionality."

Trump and Brexit spike investor mobile activity

Macro events such as the Brexit vote and Trump’s US election victory saw large increases in the numbers of people logging into their accounts and much bigger increases from mobile devices.

Date Event Desktop Tablet Smartphone
24-Aug-15 China "flash crash" 247% 272% 267%
24-Jun-16 Brexit vote 378% 258% 410%
09-Nov-16 Trump victory 60% 56% 70%

Comparison with the same day the week before the event (source: Hargreaves Lansdown).

People now don’t just rush to their mobiles for information. Investors want to be able to view their portfolio and make trades on the go to take advantage of fast moving markets.

Mobile investing trends

Mobile attracts a younger audience than desktop. 16% of all mobile visits are from 25-34 year olds as opposed to 8.6% of all visits via a desktop. Near half (48%) of all mobile trades are completed by people aged 44 or under. This compares to just 25% of all desktop trades completed by the same age bracket. Mobile investors are more likely to trade shares than funds. Desktop traders are more evenly split between shares and funds.

The percentage of trades between shares and funds is as follows:

Mobile Desktop
Shares 75.7% 55.29%
Funds 24.3% 44.71%

Peak traffic for mobile visits to the HL website are an hour earlier on mobile (9.00 am – 10.00 am) compared to desktop (10.00 am – 11.00 am).

Mobile investing is changing investor habits as people engage with their portfolios earlier in the day.

The new HL app

The new HL app for iPhone and Android builds on Hargreaves Lansdown’s extensive success and experience of mobile apps and investing, after over 332,212 downloads since the original launch in 2010.

More details on the new app

The new HL app represents a significant investment and commitment by HL into emerging technology and trends.

The new app offers an entirely new simplified design and structure, and provides the following key features:

  • Fingerprint login
  • Live share prices
  • Easy top ups and withdrawals
  • Trading of all funds and shares available on our platform (including overseas shares)
  • Stop loss and limit orders
  • Newsroom articles
  • Available for IOS and Android

We will of course be continuing to invest in developing the app further, ensuring we listen to feedback and deliver innovative new features to support the rapid growth in mobile traffic.

Chris Worle, Digital Strategy Director:

“The focus of the new app is on what clients actually use the app for, not fancy functionality that looks nice but sits on the virtual shelf. It’s all about brilliant basics. We’ve focused on improving the user experience and made it quicker and easier for investors to manage their investments."