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Hargreaves Lansdown to launch low-charge equity fund

  • First of new range of HL managed equity funds
  • HL Select UK Shares Fund launches 1st December 2016
  • An expertly managed portfolio of shares in the convenience of a fund
  • About the HL Select UK Shares Fund
  • Cheaper than 90% of active funds in the IA All Companies sector - 0.60% Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF)

Building on the success of our £7bn HL Multi-Manager fund range, Hargreaves Lansdown is launching a new range of own-managed, low-cost equity funds with a unique style that aims to give investors an unrivalled level of communication between fund manager and their investors.

Lee Gardhouse, Chief Investment Officer, Hargreaves Lansdown:

"Many investors like the thrill of the chase, the intellectual challenge of picking their own shares and the control of having their own portfolio. The problem is having the time to successfully do so. While traditional funds suit many, most lack the transparency and depth of information to fully satisfy some investors. For those that want additional advice, traditional discretionary managed share portfolios may offer greater transparency and information, but are often expensive and have high minimum investment requirements. It is also difficult to compare performance from one to another.

We are aiming to provide a new type of investor experience by offering access to an expertly managed portfolio of shares, in the convenience of a fund, with a new level of investor information and insight."

A new level of fund manager communication

We aim to deliver a new a level of fund manager communication at a lower cost than an average fund, and at a significantly lower investor entry point (£25 per month or £100 as lump sum). DIY Investors will be able to:

  • See every shareholding once we’ve finished dealing, not just the top 10
  • Know exactly why we hold each share
  • See a breakdown by sector and company size

We will provide detailed explanations of the investment case for all of the fund’s holdings once our position has been built. Moreover, when we have bought or sold a position, we’ll inform investors via blog entries on a special dedicated area of the HL website and an email straight to them. Investors will:

  • Know what’s happened in the portfolio, when it’s happened, not months later
  • Read our latest thoughts on portfolio holdings, and the market, when it matters most
  • Receive straight forward portfolio performance reports, every month

Steve Clayton, HL Select UK Shares Fund Manager, Hargreaves Lansdown:

"Investing shouldn’t be a black art, understood by the few, nor should it be a black box, where you just take what you’re given without understanding why.

We want our investors to really understand what is happening to their money, and why their fund manager bought and sold the stocks they did. HL Select UK Shares investors will be told why we hold the shares we do. And when we change the portfolio, we’ll explain what’s moved in and out, and why we did it."

In true HL fashion, we’re going to offer investors a lot more, for a lot less than the cost of the average fund."

About the HL Select UK Shares Fund

The HL Select UK Shares Fund will launch on 1st December 2016 at a £1 fixed launch price and will sit in the IA UK All Companies sector. Applications close on 30 November

The fund’s portfolio will be of around 30 holdings and concentrated on our best ideas.


Globelynx and ISDN ready

Hargreaves Lansdown is equipped with a live in-house broadcast camera via the Globelynx network and has an ISDN line available for radio interviews - 0117 934 9006. To arrange an interview with a Hargreaves Lansdown spokesperson please contact the person you wish to speak to directly using the contact details above, or call Globelynx on 0207 963 7060 or email globelynx@globelynx.com.