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How to retire in 2019

An essential guide to kick-start your plans

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5 steps towards a successful retirement

To make sure you can retire when you want to, and receive the retirement income you require, first you’ll need to:

  1. Consider if you want to reduce your hours first, or give up work completely
  2. Check what your pensions might pay, and whether you need to save more
  3. Understand how you can access your pensions
  4. Choose the right options for you, and get the best deal
  5. Consider talking it all through, so your mind’s at ease

How to retire in 2019

Sensible steps towards a successful retirement.

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Check what your pensions might pay

Using the details you enter, this pension calculator will show:

  • An estimated value of your pension at retirement
  • The annual income your pension might pay
  • How much you could receive tax free

If you find the values are less than you expected, you can use the tool to experiment with different contribution rates and retirement dates to see how you could close the gap. Remember, tax rules change and their benefits depend on your individual circumstances.

Understand your options

From 55, you can choose how to access your pension and use a mix of the options to match your needs. Be sure to shop around to get the best rates and value for your money. You may want to contact the government’s Pension Wise service for free, impartial guidance to help you make sense of your options.

The 3 main options are:


A secure income for life without worry or fuss.

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Take a flexible income and keep your pension invested.

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Lump sums

You can take the whole lot out or keep some of it invested.

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Want to talk things through?

Speak to our retirement experts

  • Discuss your retirement options
  • Receive tools and resources to help with your decisions
  • Get quotes for secure and flexible income options

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How to retire in 2019 guide

The key to a successful retirement is preparation and good planning. Read this guide to find out:

  • How to work out what your pension might pay, and if it’ll be enough
  • How to access your pension, plus the benefits and risks of each option
  • Top tips to make the most of your tax-free cash

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