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The Big Deal Stock Market Challenge

Published 31/01/2014: The easy-to-play investing game from Hargreaves Lansdown. Hone your investing skills, and take on your fellow investors - with over £30,000 in cash prizes up for grabs.

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00:01 - If you were given £100,000 to invest in the stock market, what would you choose?

00:07 - The Big Deal Stock Market Challenge from Hargreaves Lansdown is free to play, and really simple to get started.

00:13 - With a chance to win over £30,000 in cash prizes why not give it a shot?

00:19 - Build your own risk-free portfolio of funds, shares or a mixture of both, to outperform your fellow investors for a chance to win.

00:28 - There's monthly cash prizes for the portfolios that perform the best, and a £500 monthly prize draw for investors who invite their friends to join!

00:39 - You can also win awards throughout the game to give your portfolio a boost. There are awards for performance, both good and bad, and awards simply for taking part and playing the game!

00:50 - There's a £10,000 prize for the best performing individual trader and best performing company.

00:56 - Invite your friends to play for a bit of friendly competition, or team up with them to form a company using your collective skills to compete against others.

01:05 - The Big Deal Stock Market Challenge is free to play so why not sign up now?

The Big Deal Stock Market Challenge Banner

The Big Deal
Stock Market Challenge

  • Free to play and easy to get started
  • Invite your friends to join and set up your own investment company
  • Create your own portfolio from thousands of different funds, shares, ETFs and investment trusts
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