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What happens during a corporate action

Corporate actions can vary, but here's what will happen if an investment you hold undergoes one. 

We will contact you if you are affected

When there is a corporate action on an investment you own, we’ll contact you and let you know.  

This is usually as soon as the corporate action has been announced, and we aim to give you two to three weeks’ notice.  

We’ll explain exactly what’s happening with that particular company and when the deadline is for your action, but we cannot offer advice.   

You can also check the list of current corporate actions on the website, as well as company reports.  If we have not sent details on a corporate action that you were expecting to receive, please contact us and we can help.

You can give your instruction online

If there is something you need to do, you can give your corporate action instruction after you’ve logged in online. It will explain how to take part and guide you through the process.  

We set deadlines to help you give instructions in time – if you miss this, please contact us.   

Companies also set their own deadlines. There is unfortunately nothing we can do if you miss this deadline.  

There is no charge for taking part in corporate actions. 

Any money or investments will be put into your account once the action completes

Money or investments that come from the corporate action will be put into the account that you hold the investment in.   

Depending on the preferences you’ve set for that account, money will either be held as uninvested cash or paid as income. You can then move it to another part of your account, reinvest it or withdraw it.  

We will send you a message or letter, depending on your contact preferences, once this has happened.  

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