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Self-Invested Personal Pension hero

Self-Invested Personal Pension

Cashback Available now when you transfer
Terms apply

What is a SIPP?

A Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is different to a traditional pension. Instead of limiting your investment options, a SIPP opens the doors, giving you more choice in how you invest your money.

Like other pensions, the government will still give you up to 45% (or 46% if you're a Scottish rate tax payer) in tax relief on the amount you pay in.

Cashback More control over your financial future

Save time and money by managing all your pensions through one account: the HL SIPP. Act by 10 January and receive cashback as a thank you. Terms apply

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Why choose the HL SIPP?

  • Security - We’re a FTSE 100 company and the UK’s No. 1 investment platform for private investors
  • Control - Check your pension whenever you like, online and with the HL app
  • Support - Our Pensions helpdesk is on hand to answer your questions six days a week
  • Expertise - We provide research, ideas, and updates to help you with your investment decisions

SIPP charges

The HL SIPP is free to set up and low cost to run. Our yearly charge for holding investments is never more than 0.45%. Some investments will have their own annual charges, so please check these first before you invest.

It’s free to buy and sell funds. Other dealing charges depend on the type of investment and how often you trade.

View SIPP charges

Getting more from your HL SIPP

Here you’ll find a wide range of useful information and easy-to-use tools which are specifically designed to help build your knowledge and empower you to make decisions about your SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) with confidence.

Don’t forget our Bristol-based helpdesk are also on hand to answer any questions you might have. And you can view our charges online anytime.

Cashback More control over your financial future

Save time and money by managing all your pensions through one account: your HL SIPP. Act by 10 January and receive cashback as a thank you. Terms apply

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Pay money into your SIPP

You can change your pension contributions whenever you like.

Set up monthly payments from as little as £25, or make one-off payments of £100 or more.

Add money to your SIPP

Transfer your old pensions

Combining your old pensions into one online plan can make life easier.

You’ll know exactly how each of your investments are performing and only need to deal with one provider. The fastest way to transfer is online.

How to transfer a pension

Benefits of regular investing

There are some great benefits to regularly paying into and investing your SIPP. Paying in from as little as £25 a month could not only help you to reach your retirement goals but it could also be a sensible way to help manage market volatility and get into healthy and affordable financial habits.

  • It's a good habit and you won’t be tempted to try timing the market

    If you choose to invest by regular Direct Debit, it will take the emotion out of your decisions, and just become part of your monthly spending. Drip-feeding in to a volatile market could also mean the average price you pay for your investments ends up being lower than a single lump sum investment. If you’d rather not invest your money straightaway, that’s fine too. You can build up your cash, and make investment decisions when you’re ready.

  • You'll automatically get a boost from the Government

    Each time we collect your Direct Debit the Government will automatically add money too. If you’re under 75 and a UK resident, you’ll get basic-rate tax relief, which works out at £20 for every £80 you pay in. If you pay tax at a higher rate you may be able to claim back more tax relief through your tax return. Pension and tax rules change and benefits depend on your circumstances.

  • You can change your contributions anytime to suit your circumstances

    You’ll always have the flexibility to increase or decrease your monthly direct debit to suit your current situation. You can even stop or pause payments whenever you want – as long as we receive the instruction 10 working days before the collection date (usually the 7th of the month).

Invest regularly by direct debit

Your pension in your pocket

Downloading the HL app means you can easily manage your SIPP anytime, anywhere.

  • Trade quickly and securely
  • Access to expert analysis
  • Latest stock market news as it happens

More about the app

Managing your SIPP account

Nominate a SIPP beneficiary

It’s not nice to think about, but it’s important you let us know your wishes in the event of your death. It’s not legally binding but you can nominate as many people as you like to inherit your SIPP, and can change this any time.

The quickest way to do this is through your online account. Just go to ‘Account Settings’ and ‘Manage SIPP beneficiaries’, or contact us for a paper form.

Link family accounts

Make it easier to manage your family’s ISAs, pensions and investments. View everyone’s portfolios in one place, using a single set of login details and choose the level of authority for buying and selling.

Learn more

Looking for investment inspiration

Our latest fund shortlists

Use our fund finder and shortlists as a starting place to narrow down your investment search. These shortlists can be used to help build or supplement your portfolio.

Explore shortlists

SIPP investment strategies

Learn about different strategies for investing a pension, plus fund ideas for income and growth.

Learn more

Fund news and research

Stay up to date with the latest fund research provided by our team of experts.

Fund research

Share research and insight

Learn more about shares, including recent articles and opinion.

Share research

Tools and calculators to help keep your pension on track

See how much your pension could be worth

Use this tool to work out how much you should be investing and what you could be on track to receive at retirement.

Pension calculator

Review and monitor your investments

Analyse all of the investments you hold, including asset allocation, past performance and the geographical distribution of your portfolio.

Portfolio analysis tool

See how much tax relief you could get

Calculate the free boost you could get on your pension contributions. Most people will get at least 20% on anything they pay in.

Tax relief calculator

Work out your retirement budget

Calculate your income against your expenditure to work out the difference. It could help you to plan how much you might need in retirement.

Budget calculator

Up to £40,000 a year

How much can you add to your pension?

If you’re a UK resident under 75, you can usually pay in as much as you earn, up to £40,000 a year, and get tax relief. You may be able to pay in more than £40,000 if you have unused allowance from previous years.

Learn more about paying into your pension

Up to £40,000 a year

Start an HL SIPP

You can start your SIPP from as little as £100 one off, or £25 a month.

You can start, stop, increase and decrease your pension contributions whenever you like.

Start your SIPP

Transfer to an HL SIPP

You can transfer pensions from another provider to HL.

The fastest way to transfer is online.

Learn more about transferring

What can you invest in?

In the HL SIPP you can invest for your retirement by choosing from:

  • Over 2,500 funds
  • UK and overseas shares
  • Bonds, investment trusts, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • Ready-made investment portfolios built by our experts

SIPP investment ideas

Taking money from your pension

Money in your pension is locked away until you’re 55 (57 from 2028). But any time after that, you can start to withdraw money, even if you’re still working.

Learn more about your retirement options

We have always found Hargreaves Lansdown professional, efficient and responsive to our needs. We consider HL the very best and head and shoulders above others offering similar services.



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