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Category: Active Savings

What the NS&I interest rate cut means for savers

We look at the potential impact on the savings market as NS&I announce a cut to their market leading savings rates.

Ryan Kenny

21 Sep 2020 3m read

Category: Pensions

Downsizing at retirement – are pensions safer than houses?

Average house prices saw their biggest annual rise since 2016. We look at the potential pitfalls of rushing into downsizing, and why you shouldn’t assume that your property is your pension.

Michelle Branco

18 Sep 2020 4m read

Category: Shares

Is Apple worth $2 Trillion?

Emilie Stevens, Equity Analyst, looks at whether Apple is worth the asking price.

Emilie Stevens

17 Sep 2020 8m read

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Category: Shares

How technology companies make their money

We look at what drives technology stocks’ revenue. Should Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet and Microsoft really call tech their home sector?

Nicholas Hyett

16 Sep 2020 10m read

Category: Pensions

Autumn Budget – cuts to pension tax relief around the corner?

We look at the possibility of pension tax relief cuts in the upcoming Autumn Budget and what these changes could mean for your pension.

Michelle Branco

15 Sep 2020 4m read

Category: Tax

Stamp Duty cuts - what you need to know

Hannah Duncan looks at the new Stamp Duty cuts, reveals which UK property hotspots could benefit the most and what you could do with your Stamp Duty savings after buying a house.

Hannah Duncan

14 Sep 2020 5m read

Category: Investing and saving

The most popular Stocks and Shares ISA funds from August 2020

Discover the funds HL Stocks and Shares ISA investors were buying in August.

Jason Roberts

11 Sep 2020 4m read

Category: Funds

Two funds for avoiding ‘sin’ stocks

Dominic Rowles, Investment Analyst, looks at two exclusions-based funds, explains their approaches and shares our view on their prospects.

Dominic Rowles

09 Sep 2020 6m read

Category: Shares

How many shares make a diversified portfolio?

William Ryder, Equity Analyst, digs into the theory behind diversification and looks at how many stocks investors should hold.

William Ryder

09 Sep 2020 m read

Newsroom articles are published by leading news agencies. Hargreaves Lansdown is not responsible for an article's content and its accuracy. We may not share the views of the author.

Category: Newsroom

Experts say that Microsoft's surprise $7.5 billion acquisition of video game giant ZeniMax shows how committed the tech titan is to renewing its image as a consumer tech company

The widely-unexpected deal bolsters Microsoft's gaming business, especially its video game subscription service Game Pass, but why would Microsoft pay so much for a video-game publisher when only a small portion of the company's revenue comes from gaming?

22 Sep 2020 3m read

Category: Newsroom

BlackRock, JPMorgan climate votes at odds as new rules loom

The findings prompted the organizations to complain that BlackRock hasn't backed up its vows to prioritize climate matters earlier this year.

22 Sep 2020 3m read

Category: Newsroom

Premier Inn owner Whitbread to cut 6,000 jobs amid Covid crisis

The moves comes as pubs, bars and restaurants in England face new restrictions amid fears of a second wave of coronavirus this autumn.

22 Sep 2020 1m read