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Retirement Income

We’ve pre-set some of our fund filters to narrow-down the search over all funds available via HL, to help you select a fund giving you a monthly income aligned with typical income levels taken in retirement. This isn’t a best buy list, it’s our view on useful filters to screen the full range of funds available via HL.

Income funds pay dividends at different frequencies – some monthly but some on an up to annual basis. Our ‘Seeking retirement income’ shortlist can help you find a fund for your portfolio that currently pays a monthly income and has a historic yield above 4%. Income isn’t guaranteed, and previous income isn’t a reliable guide to what you’ll receive in future.

This search can return funds from a range of sectors, which carry different risk profiles. Please ensure that you understand the risk profile of any fund you select, and how it fits in your portfolio.

Please note that the shortlist filters aren’t personal advice. If you’re not sure you should seek advice.

Funds can fall as well as rise in value, and you could get back less than you invest.

You’ll need to review that any funds you select continue to meet your objectives.

Which filters we have pre-set and why

To get you started we've used the following criteria:

Yield %:

  • 4% - 6%   

  • 6%+   

We’ve selected a minimum of 4% historic yield as this has generated a similar level of income from your investment pot as buying an annuity aged 60. By taking ‘the natural yield’ (i.e. not selling any of your holdings, but using the income generated by your holdings) you have the benefit of leaving your capital intact, with the potential to grow in the future. Note that future yield may fall, so you may need to dip into your cash buffer, or failing that capital to maintain your required level of income.

The investments you choose will have an impact on how much income you get in retirement, and how long your pension lasts.

Income frequency:

  • Monthly   

We’ve selected monthly as this aims to provide a steady, frequent income.

You can tweak our pre-set filters, and add other criteria to further narrow-down the list based on your specific objectives, and pick what’s the best fit for your portfolio.

Seeking retirement income