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financial advice

We always strive to make it easy for our clients to save, invest and get advice if they need it.

Choose the type of advice you need (planning or investment advice) and whether you’d like one off advice or ongoing advice.

And if you need help deciding, our advisory helpdesk are here to answer all your questions and double check you’ll see value from taking financial advice.

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Choose your financial advice service

Our advisers will always look at your circumstances and plans as a whole before providing their recommendations. They'll find out about your circumstances and discuss your choice of service to make sure it’s right for your risk and objectives.

Financial planning

1-2% of assets advised upon
+VAT where applicable*

You’ll always get more from advice when you see how everything fits together. Our financial planning service can help you plan for any number of goals or scenarios that you need to take into account.

Get started

Get started

Investment advice

Up to 1% of assets advised upon*

Build or amend your portfolio and mould it around your goals. We can also make it cost effective and easier for you to manage in the future.

Get started

Get started

Financial planning

Sometimes, it feels like there’s a lot to consider when planning your financial future. Future events will be impacted by what’s going on in your life now so it’s important to know where you’re at and how to reach your goals for the future. Our financial planning service can take the weight off your shoulders and help you feel more confident about the future.

We can help you plan:

  • Your retirement
  • How you protect yourself and your family in the event of ill health or death
  • How you’ll afford long term care for old age
  • Consolidating pensions and investments
  • Understanding inheritance tax rules and passing on your wealth
  • How to pay for school or university fees or another large expenditure

Our planning service also includes investment advice which means your plan will be put into practice using a portfolio set up or tailored towards your goals.

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Please note: When it comes to consolidation, some pensions and investments are best left where they are due to high exit fees or valuable guarantees and benefits which you might lose if you moved them. Your adviser will discuss this with you.

Tax rules can and do change and their benefits depend on your individual circumstances. Our advisers will take into account the effect of tax in making financial planning recommendations. Your adviser may suggest you get legal or accounting advice to complement their advice.

Investment advice

This service can help you:

  • Review your existing investment (and/or pension) portfolio
  • Decide how much to save to reach a specific goal e.g. a house deposit or children’s education costs
  • Check your portfolio is cost effective
  • Select investments appropriate to your goals
  • Set up your portfolio (if needed)

Get started by booking a call with our advisory helpdesk to find out more about this service.

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Please note: Investments can go up as well as down in value and you may get back less than you invest.

* Minimum charge of £495 over the telephone and £1,495 face to face

The aim of each of our advice services is to provide one-off advice to take you as far into the future as possible. We don’t believe in tying our clients into ongoing advice automatically. But if you think you’d like ongoing advice, please ask your adviser and they’ll talk you through what you’ll get out of it and whether it’s right for you. Our ongoing advice charges can be found on our charges page.

How can we help?

Retirement advice

Understand your options, get the hard work done for you, feel confident about your retirement.

Retirement advice

Investment advice

Build a portfolio or update an existing one. Our advisers can help by recommending investments to help you achieve your goals.

Investment advice

Inheritance tax

Our advisers’ knowledge of inheritance tax rules will help you pass on as much of your wealth to your loved ones as you can.

Inheritance tax advice

Long term care

We can help you plan how you’ll cover the cost of care so you feel safe in the knowledge you or your loved ones can get the best possible care.

Long term care advice

Pension and investment consolidation

Get help making the often complex decision of when, if and how to get your investments in one place. Feel more confident and get a better view of where you’re at.

Consolidation advice

Financial planning

Get a plan which pieces your goals together. You’ll get an expert’s view on how to achieve your goals and overcome the hurdles you may come across. Your plan should leave you feeling confident you’ve done everything you can to secure your financial future.

Full financial planning

Book a call with our advisory helpdesk

Book a call with our advisory helpdesk to start your financial advice journey. They’re here to answer any outstanding questions you have about our service.

There’s no obligation to take advice and there’s no hard sell. In fact, they’ll let you know about our guidance and tools if advice is not for you.

They won’t provide personalised advice but they’re essential to making sure you get the most out of our service. If you’re happy to proceed, they’ll put you in touch with an adviser within two working days to arrange your initial consultation.

We can only provide advice to UK residents. If you’re resident overseas, unfortunately we’re unable to advise you.