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Fund trade timings

There are several stages funds go through after you've traded. Here's what to expect and how long fund trades usually takes.

Trade timings

Trade price confirmed: 
24 hours (can be up to five working days)

Trade completed:
Up to five working days

Funds are priced after you’ve placed a trade, so you will get the final price at a different time to your trade completing. 

The fund manager will usually confirm the price within 24 hours of your trade, but it can take up to five working days. Your trade will then usually be processed at midday the next working day, although timings can vary between funds. 

Your trade is usually settled with the investments or money showing in your account within five working days. 

Tracking your trade status

You can follow the progress of your trade in the Pending Orders section of your relevant account. Here's what the different stages mean: 

You’ve placed your trade and it’s now waiting to be processed. You can still cancel it if you change your mind. 

Submitted for dealing 
Your trade has been passed to the fund manager for processing and valuation. It cannot be changed or cancelled. 

Dealt, awaiting confirmation 
Your trade has been processed. Your account summary and transaction history will update once your trade has been confirmed, and you’ll get a contract note.  

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