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How to set dividend alerts

Dividend alerts let you know when a share goes ‘ex-dividend’, which means it’s trading without the value of its next dividend payment. Here’s how to set up dividend alerts.  

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Before you start

You can only set alerts for UK-based shares. 

Set share alerts on the website

  1. Log in online to see your accounts.   
  2. Select ‘Account settings’ from the tab list.   
  3. Select ‘Email preferences and share alerts’.   
  4. Under Share alerts, select ‘Manage share alerts’.   
  5. Enter the name of your chosen share.   
  6. Select the bell icon next to the correct share from the auto-populated list.  
  7. Select the type of alert you want to set from the list. If this depends on a buy, sell or mid-price, select the upper or lower limit and enter an amount.  
  8. Select ‘Create alert’ to confirm.  
Set share alerts

What happens next

You will be alerted when your chosen share has gone ex-dividend.  

You can create as many alerts as you like in the same way.   

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