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Can I transfer an ISA to the HL SIPP?

Whilst it is not possible to transfer an ISA directly to the HL SIPP, it might be possible to use cash currently held within an ISA to make a contribution to boost your retirement savings.

This would be classified as a new pension contribution so you should receive tax relief, however, the cash would lose its ISA status and the amount of tax relief would depend on your circumstances. Please note tax rules can change.

If you hold stock within an ISA you may be able to transfer that into the HL SIPP via a process we call Bed & SIPP. This involves us selling the investment and repurchasing it straightaway within the HL SIPP. This should also be eligible for tax relief but once the Bed & SIPP takes place it cannot be reversed and the ISA status is lost permanently.

Before applying, please understand the risks and features of the HL SIPP.

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