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Transferring to another provider

If you’re thinking of transferring your investments away from HL, here’s what you need to know and should consider first. 

Check you will not lose out by transferring

You should make sure you will not lose any valuable benefits before transferring your investments.  

We also recommend checking there are no high setup costs for an account with your new provider.

Your new provider will start the transfer

All you have to do to transfer away from HL is choose an account with your new provider.   

They will contact us to say you want to transfer. We’ll then send you a secure message or letter to confirm we’ve started the transfer.  

Or, if you’re transferring a SIPP, you can complete a transfer out form and send it back to:

FREEPOST: Hargreaves Lansdown

It’s free to transfer away and close accounts

If you want to transfer your uninvested money or investments to another provider, it’s free.   

Our regular dealing fees will apply if you sell investments before you transfer, but there is no charge other than this.  

There is also no charge for closing an account with HL.   

You can find more information on our transfer page

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