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How to transfer to another provider

Everything you need to know in order to transfer your HL savings and investments

If you want to transfer to another provider you won’t need to contact us, in most cases. Your new provider will contact us on your behalf. We’d be disappointed to see you go though, and if there’s anything we can do to change your mind please get in touch first.

Thank you. We really appreciate your feedback.
Our team might be able to help, please get in touch to discuss your options.

Why are you thinking of leaving?

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Transferring your HL accounts

For further information please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Your transfer checklist

  • Are your HL records up to date?

    All the personal details we have for you, like your full name and address, need to match those that you give to your new provider. Any mismatch could cause delays.

  • Do we have your National Insurance number?

    If we need to sell shares as part of your transfer, then we’ll need your National Insurance number (or alternative) as well as confirmation of your nationality.

  • Are you happy with your investments?

    You’re free to make changes to your investments right up until the point of transfer, but this can cause delays. It’s best to make sure you’re happy with your investments before you begin the transfer.

  • Have you taken advice?

    Transferring your account is a big decision and one you could regret. If you’d like to talk to an advisor then please contact our advisory service.

  • Have you checked that the provider you’re transferring to, and the investments you plan to hold, are authentic?

    Unfortunately, investment scams sometimes target people who've withdrawn, or plan to withdraw, money from their pension and other accounts. They can also persuade people to transfer into accounts within which there is an investment scam. These scams tend to involve firms and/or investments which aren’t regulated by the FCA, so if you fall victim to them there may be no compensation available.

    Often fraudsters will attempt to make their ‘sales pitch’ as realistic and attractive as possible. They’ll aim to build a rapport with you – sharing fake reviews, using convincing literature and websites or claiming to be regulated. Warning signs can include cold calling or texting, pressure to act quickly, the promise of unique or unusual opportunities or the offer of quick and easy profits. Scammers might also offer free pension reviews and the chance to release money from your pension early. To find out more visit www.fca.org.uk/scamsmart or our security centre.

  • Are you up to date on your account fees?

    Any outstanding fees will delay your transfer.

  • Are your investments due to change in any way?

    If your investments change due to a corporate action, unit rebate or delisting then this can also cause a delay to your transfer.

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