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Each week our research team highlights a fund from our Wealth 150 as our 'Fund in focus'. The Wealth 150 represents what we believe to be the best funds across the major sectors.

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Previous Funds in focus

Kate Marshall

JO Hambro Japan

Japan is home to many world class businesses, but we believe finding those trading on attractive valuations takes the skill of talented stock pickers such as Ruth Nash and Scott McGlashan of JO Hambro. Read more about JO Hambro Japan »

Kate Marshall

Schroder Managed Balanced

Multi-asset funds are a popular choice for a core of a portfolio, and offer exposure to shares, bonds commodities and currencies. In our view this fund is one of the best available. Read more about Schroder Managed Balanced »

Kate Marshall

Jupiter India

India's stock market has enjoyed a strong run over the last twelve months, but has lost some ground more recently. In our view the long term outlook remains bright, and the Jupiter India Fund could offer a good way to gain exposure to this higher risk region. Read more about Jupiter India »

Mark Dampier

Newton Emerging Income

Investors seeking income have a growing number of opportunities beyond the UK, and this fund offers a way to invest for income in some of the world's most dynamic economies. Read more about Newton Emerging Income »

Kate Marshall

Artemis Income

Equity income funds are a popular choice for those seeking income, and we believe the Artemis Income Fund is one of the finest in the sector. Read more about Artemis Income »

Kate Marshall

Fidelity Special Situations

This fund has one of the longest track records of any fund in the UK, and has maintained a disciplined investment approach throughout. Read more about Fidelity Special Situations »

Kate Marshall

Aberdeen Asia Pacific Equity

Kate Marshall looks at Aberdeen's successful strategy for investing in higher risk emerging markets. Read more about Aberdeen Asia Pacific Equity »

Kate Marshall

Newton Real Return

This fund takes a prudent investment approach, with the aim of providing a more consistent return than a fund investing purely in shares. We believe this could make it a great core holding. Read more about Newton Real Return »

Kate Marshall

Baring Europe Select

Smaller companies can offer the opportunity for significant growth. Europe is home to many high-quality smaller companies, and the Baring Europe Select Fund aims to invest in a selection of the best. Read more about Baring Europe Select »

Kate Marshall

Troy Trojan

In our view, the Trojan Fund could be an excellent choice for a fund that offers some downside shelter in difficult markets. Read more about Troy Trojan »

Kate Marshall

AXA Framlington Managed Balanced

Richard Peirson has demonstrated an ability to effectively navigate a variety of market conditions. Kate Marshall examines the reasons behind his success to date. Read more about AXA Framlington Managed Balanced »

Kate Marshall

Aberdeen Latin American Equity

Kate Marshall explains why shorter-term struggles have overshadowed Latin America's persuasive longer-term investment case. Read more about Aberdeen Latin American Equity »

Kate Marshall

Jupiter European

Europe's stock markets are home to many great companies, which are largely unaffected by the region's economic woes. This fund could be worth a closer look for investors willing to look beyond the negative headlines. Read more about Jupiter European »

Kate Marshall

Invesco Perpetual Tactical Bond

Corporate bonds remain a popular choice with investors seeking income, but after a strong run there undoubtedly risks in these markets. We recently caught up with Paul Causer of Invesco Perpetual's fixed interest team, to find out his current views. Read more about Invesco Perpetual Tactical Bond »

Kate Marshall

Troy Trojan Income

Troy Asset Management do not advertise and therefore aren't known by many investors. They prefer to let the performance of their funds do the talking, and the Trojan Income Fund is one of their finest. Read more about Troy Trojan Income »

Kate Marshall

Fidelity MoneyBuilder Income

This corporate bond fund's cautious approach could help provide some stability and a regular income to many bond portfolios. Read more about Fidelity MoneyBuilder Income »

Heather Ferguson

Ecclesiastical Higher Income

Heather Ferguson takes a look at the latest addition to our Wealth 150+, which invests in shares, bonds and other investments, to create a well-diversified portfolio. Read more about Ecclesiastical Higher Income »

Kate Marshall

AXA Framlington UK Select Opportunities

In turbulent markets experience counts, and there are few more experienced UK managers than Nigel Thomas - one of the few managers who has featured on the Wealth 150 since its inception in 2003. Read more about AXA Framlington UK Select Opportunities »

Kate Marshall

Henderson Cautious Managed

Kate Marshall takes a look at the latest addition to our Wealth 150+. Read more about Henderson Cautious Managed »

Kate Marshall

Threadneedle European Select

Investors remain cautious on Europe but, as Kate Marshall explains, there are plenty of reasons to be positive on European businesses. Read more about Threadneedle European Select »

Kate Marshall

Neptune Russia & Greater Russia

Russia has been in the news recently, and for all the wrong reasons. Analyst, Kate Marshall looks at a fund offering exposure to this extremely high risk area. Read more about Neptune Russia & Greater Russia »

Research Team

First State Global Resources

The team at First State have an excellent record in the resources sector, but mining and resources companies have been through a tough period recently. If the sector bounces back, this fund could be well placed to benefit. Read more about First State Global Resources »

Richard Troue

JPMorgan Emerging Markets

Emerging markets have lost their popularity in recent years but, as we explain, there are still plenty of reasons to be positive on these regions. Read more about JPMorgan Emerging Markets »

Kate Marshall

Marlborough Nano-Cap Growth

Smaller companies investing comes with great risk, but can deliver great reward. That's why you need an expert in the field, such as Giles Hargreave, investing on your behalf. Read more about Marlborough Nano-Cap Growth »

Mark Dampier

Standard Life UK Equity Unconstrained

Ed Legget could be one of the best fund managers you've never heard of. We believe his high octane Standard Life UK Equity Unconstrained Fund could make a great choice for adventurous investors seeking growth form the UK stock market. Read more about Standard Life UK Equity Unconstrained »

Kate Marshall

Schroder Tokyo

Recent measures announced by the Bank of Japan saw Japan's stock market surge, but we believe there could be further to go and the Schroder Tokyo Fund could be well placed to capitalise. Read more about Schroder Tokyo »

Richard Troue

Artemis Strategic Assets

Multi-asset funds can make a great core holding. In our view William Littlewood of Artemis is one of the best managers in this arena. Read more about Artemis Strategic Assets »

Kate Marshall

Artemis Strategic Bond

Corporate bonds remain an attractive option for investors seeking income, but with interest rate rises on the horizon it could pay to invest with a more strategic approach. Read more about Artemis Strategic Bond »

Kate Marshall

M&G Recovery

Despite his style currently being out-of-favour, Tom Dobell is sticking to his guns. This determination is a primary factor in his long-term success, and now could be an opportune time to purchase his fund. Read more about M&G Recovery »

Kate Marshall

Jupiter India

India has been one of the top performing markets in 2014, but what could 2015 hold in store? Read more about Jupiter India »

Mark Dampier

CF Woodford Equity Income - plus video interview

Mark Dampier shares his latest views following a recent meeting with Neil Woodford, plus a video interview Neil Woodford explains how the portfolio is positioned in light of recent market falls. Read more about CF Woodford Equity Income - plus video interview »

Mark Dampier

Newton Asian Income

This fund provides investors with the best of both worlds - an attractive dividend yield, coupled with the exciting growth potential of higher risk Asian markets. Read more about Newton Asian Income »

Mark Dampier

Lindsell Train Global Equity

The Lindsell Train Global Equity Fund exemplifies an active approach. It is a highly concentrated portfolio comprising what the manager believes to be a collection of exceptional brands and franchises. Read more about Lindsell Train Global Equity »

Kate Marshall

TM Sanditon European

Sentiment towards Europe remains depressed, meaning this new fund could be launching at an opportune time. Read more about TM Sanditon European »

Heather Ferguson

Old Mutual UK Dynamic Equity

Small and medium sized companies can offer outstanding opportunity for growth, but they are high risk. That's why we believe adventurous investors should consider investing with one of the UK's most successful teams in this area. Read more about Old Mutual UK Dynamic Equity »

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