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Free investment and pension guides

What you need to know about investments and pensions

What you need to know about investments and pensions

Whether you're new to funds, shares and pensions or an experienced investor looking to expand your knowledge, our free expert guides have the information you need - available to download or request by post.

Investment Times

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Investment Times

Insight and opinion from Peter Hargreaves, Mark Dampier and our award winning research team; including an exciting new fund launch, an update on BP and our latest investment ideas with yields of up to 3.5% (variable and not guaranteed).

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Investment guides

  • Request the Guide to ISAs

    ISAs can be great if you're looking for a tax-efficient and flexible way to invest. Discover how they can help you invest for your future and get the most from your money.

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  • Guide to Investing in Funds

    Investing in Funds
    Funds offer a simple, low cost and convenient way of investing and are popular with thousands of private investors. This guide explains what you need to know about investing in funds.

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  • Request the Guide to How to Select Shares

    How to Select Shares
    Improve the way you select shares today with our free How to select shares guide. This guide reveals six common sense strategies, used by successful investors, to help you identify shares with potential.

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  • Request your guide to IPOs

    IPOs (Initial Public Offerings)
    IPOs offer an exciting opportunity for investors. This guide explains IPOs in five simple stages. We also outline the benefits, risks and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

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  • Request your Guide to Investing for Children

    Investing for Children
    Helping a child build up a nest egg can give them a great start in life. We share tips for tax-efficient investing and discuss the options regarding when your child or grandchild gains access to the capital.

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  • Request your Guide to Junior ISA

    Junior ISA
    Find out how saving tax-efficiently in a Junior ISA could help your child or grandchild, providing they are eligible, get a head start in life.

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  • Guide to the Wealth 150

    Wealth 150
    The Wealth 150 represents our favourite funds for new investment. In this guide we explain how these funds are chosen.

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  • Request your Guide to Saving Tax

    Saving Tax
    With these tax saving tips you can hand over less of your profit and income to the taxman - meaning greater investment returns for you.

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  • Request your Guide to Saving Inheritance Tax

    Saving Inheritance Tax
    Essential reading if you're planning your estate or are a beneficiary. Features: How to calculate and reduce IHT and how you could use an inheritance.

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  • guide-to-investment-risk.jpg

    Risk and Reward
    A great introduction to a huge range of investments and their risks. This guide will help you get the delicate balance of risk and potential for reward right in your portfolio.

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  • Request your Guide to Emerging Markets

    Emerging Markets
    How you could profit from extraordinary growth in some of the world's most dynamic economies. This free guide contains what you need to know about investing in emerging markets.

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  • Guide to Fund Prices, Savings and Yields

    Fund Prices, Savings and Yields
    How funds work, their pricing, charges and how you can benefit from discounts. Plus – discover the different types of yields and how they're calculated.


  • What to do When Someone Dies

    What to do When Someone Dies
    This guide provides help for those administering estates, including an estate accounts template and details of where to go for further advice. Plus - tips to make life easier for your loved ones after you've gone.

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  • guide-to-regular-savings.jpg

    Regular Savings
    Saving little and often can build up a sizable nest egg over time. Whether you're starting a pension or saving for a rainy day, this guide will help you get started and make the most of regular savings.

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  • DIY investing - Become your own Financial Adviser
    Simple, commonsense steps to advising yourself on financial matters. This guide includes the five basic principles to choosing investments and the DIY financial adviser checklist.

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  • HL Tracker Fund Report

    HL Tracker Fund Report
    This free report takes a comprehensive look at the tracker fund industry, introducing tracker funds and explaining how you can use them in your portfolio as well as reviewing the most popular products available in the market.

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  • cover of Equity Income Guide

    Equity Income
    Equity income has been a favourite of our investment research team for more than 30 years. Find out about its potential to offer you a rising income and capital growth in this guide.

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Pensions & retirement guides

  • SIPPs
    Shattering the myth SIPPs are complex and costly this guide will show you how a SIPP could help you take control and benefit from a wider choice of investments.

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  • Request your Guide to Options at Retirement

    Your Options at Retirement
    Choosing how to take your pension benefits is one of the most important financial decisions you will have to make. Use this guide to discover your options, the pros and cons and what happens to your pension when you die.

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  • Request your Guide to Income Drawdown

    Income Drawdown
    Income drawdown is a complex subject and not suitable for everyone. This guide explains the benefits and risks of income drawdown to help you make the right decision at retirement.

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  • Guide to taking a secure retirement income

    Guide to taking a secure retirement income
    Buying an annuity is a one off decision so it's important to get it right. This guide will help you shape the annuity you choose and determine how much income you'll receive.

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  • 2014 pension changes factsheet

    2014 pension changes factsheet
    The Chancellor has announced radical changes to pensions. Find out what they are, when they take effect and how to take your whole pension as cash.

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  • Guide to Top 10 Retirement Tips

    Top 10 Retirement Tips
    Arguably, it has never been more important to squeeze every last drop of income out of your pensions and savings to boost your retirement income. Find out how to get more from existing assets and use any available tax allowances.

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  • top 10 pension tips

    Top 10 pension tips
    Are you happy with the performance of your pension? Would you like to find out how to boost your retirement income? This simple, no nonsense guide suggests 10 ways in which you could improve your pension.

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  • 10 costly pension mistakes
    Millions of Britons are making easily - avoided pension mistakes and potentially losing £thousands. Are you one of them? Find out what they are and how to avoid them with this four page guide.

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  • Pensions tax relief

    Pensions Tax Relief
    Discover how a £20,000 pension investment could cost as little as £11,000. This guide explains how it works and if you could benefit. Includes examples.

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  • How to avoid running out of money when you retire
    Are you worried you won't have enough money when you retire? Discover what threats could affect your wealth in retirement, and what simple, sensible actions you could take to combat them.

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Foreign exchange & buying property abroad

Advanced investing

  • Request your Guide to VCTs

    Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs)
    VCTs invest in some of the most dynamic and high growth companies therefore they are high risk. Find out more about VCTs and the tax relief on offer in this free guide.

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  • Request your Guide to Financial Spread Betting

    Financial Spread Betting
    If you're an experienced investor, Financial Spread Betting offers a low-cost way to trade a range of financial markets in rising or falling markets. Find out more in this jargon free guide.

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  • Request your Guide to Contracts for Difference (CFDs)

    Contracts for Difference (CFDs)
    CFDs open a new way of trading for sophisticated investors. We explain, how to go 'long' or 'short', the range of financial markets available and the risks and rewards of margin trading.

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Regular publications

  • Investment Times
  • Investment Times
    Our flagship publication with expert commentary on the markets and the latest fund news from our dedicated team of investment specialists. We're happy to send new enquirers a few complimentary copies, simply request yours today.

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