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Keeping your web browser updated

Why it’s so important

A web browser helps you to view websites on the internet. Keeping your web browser up to date will often make using the internet more secure and will improve your experience on our website and others.

  • You’ll be better protected against web scams and fraudulent software
  • Online privacy protection
  • Get the most out of the sites you visit – out of date browsers often make certain pages on websites appear differently and you won’t be getting the best experience

Browsers we support

If you’re concerned that you don’t have the most up to date browser and aren’t sure how to check, we’ve put a list of all the browsers we support below. Downloading one of these will help keep you secure online and make sure you're getting the best out of our website.

Chrome™ (available for Windows, iPhone/iPad, Apple macOS, Android™ and Linux)
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Firefox (available for Windows, iPhone/iPad, Apple macOS, Android™ and Linux)
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Microsoft Edge (available for Windows, iPhone/iPad, Apple macOS, Android™)
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Safari (available for iPhone/iPad, Apple macOS)
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