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How we protect your accounts

The security of your accounts is of utmost importance to us. We have invested in multiple measures to help protect you and your money. We use a range of physical, electronic and procedural controls, some of which are highlighted below.

What we do

  • Two-step login procedure utilising drop down boxes which help protect your secure data from being obtained by ‘key-logging’ software.

  • We use encryption technology which is indicated by the gold padlock symbol at the top (or bottom) of your screen when logging in and viewing your account. In addition to this, if you use an up-to-date web browser you should also see the address bar turn green to show you are on a genuine site.

  • Your master password gets disabled after too many incorrect attempts. Please note you do not need to worry if you do this yourself accidentally or you forget your password. Simply call us on 0117 980 9950 and we will be able to assist you in getting your account up and running again.

  • The exact time and date stamp of your last login session is displayed in the top corner of the page each time you log in. This information is a good way of ensuring you are the only person using your account.

  • Once set up, we will never ask you to divulge your full master password whether this be on our website, by email or by phone.

  • Additional password required for dealing and submitting withdrawal requests online.

  • When your nominated bank account is changed, for security reasons it must be validated with a passcode which we will communicate to you before any withdrawals can be processed from your account.

  • Automatic log-out after a period of inactivity.