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Photo of Chris

Chris' story

Chris received one-off investment advice with HL. He's now able to enjoy his retirement and maintain his lifestyle.

Please note: This case study isn’t advice. What’s right for Christopher might not be right for you. If you’re not sure what’s right for your personal circumstances, ask for advice. Investments can go up and down in value, so you could get back less than you invest.

"I’m recently retired, I finished work last year. My long-term financial goals are to maintain my lifestyle and enjoy my retirement in comfort.

Before getting advice with HL, I was in a good financial position, but I feel like I wasn’t set up in the most efficient way. I wasn’t sure that I was getting the best returns on my investments or if I was investing the right way. As I was approaching retirement, I thought it was about time to get some proper financial advice as I was about to get an influx of money.

There were two things that prompted me to seek advice with HL. One was that I already had an HL SIPP. And the second was that I had friends and family with HL who were very happy with the service.

My primary concerns before getting advice were, was the money being invested efficiently, and what would the future look like. I also had inheritance type concerns and concerns around how I could help my son get on the property ladder.

After getting financial advice with HL, I felt more relaxed. My financial adviser chose new SIPP investments for me, and I’m very happy with how it’s grown so far. The investment choices that I had made for me by my financial adviser have so far proved to be very wise.

As a result of getting advice with HL, I’m now happily retired, and my income is steady. We’re able to have a holiday over to the States and travel in a lot more comfort than we would have without getting advice. We’re also going out more, with trips to the theatre and that sort of thing.

The most valuable aspect of getting financial advice with HL is that it gave me more confidence when it came to looking after my other investments. It also gave me a much better understanding of how you invest. For example, how to diversify my investments and split my money across different funds to help spread risk. It also helped when it came to learning how to use the free investing tools that HL offer to understand the different funds, costs, and yields.

The benefit of being able to get one off advice with HL is that it was a one-off cost. There's also the option to come back and get more advice if I want, but at the moment I’m feeling very comfortable and happy with what I have got.

I’m extremely satisfied with the financial advice that I received because the adviser took the time and effort to understand my position and understand my concerns. I definitely gained confidence after getting financial advice. It meant that when I went to make my own investment choices, I understood how to allocate my money and any work out any potential returns.

My expectations of financial advice were that frankly I would be paying for nothing. I’m happy to say I was completely wrong. The advice I had gave me more confidence and I’m happy with the returns.

The first meeting I had with my adviser was face-to-face. Then I was more than happy to speak to him over the phone and email.

The fees charged for the service provided were quite reasonable considering the amount of work that had to be done. They helped me transfer my AVC pension and they re-arranged my existing investments in my HL SIPP. At first, I was a bit put off by the fee, but having seen the results of getting professional advice, I’m very happy now.

The highlights of getting financial advice were that I learnt a lot about how to do my investments, and understood the investment process a lot better. And it was done in a very friendly way. I think we have developed almost a personal friendship. I feel that I can trust that adviser quite well.

I would recommend people to come to HL to get financial advice. They seem to be very efficient. I believe you have the potential for greater investment returns. You also can gain confidence and a greater understanding about investing."