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Investment Times Money Guide 2023

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This isn't personal advice. If you're unsure if an investment's right for you, ask for financial advice. Investments can fall as well as rise in value, so you could get back less than you invest, especially over the short term.

Your quarterly magazine of investment research and ideas

We've dedicated this Special Edition issue of the Investment Times to help you manage your money and investments in 2023 – from our top tips to save tax and money to our most intriguing investment ideas.

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What could house prices do in 2023?

Buying, selling or remortgaging? Here’s what to know.

Sarah Coles

08 Feb 2023 3m read

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Your 2023 tax guide – what you need to know

With dividend and capital gains tax allowances shrinking, we look at how to pay less tax in 2023.

Matthew Taylor

08 Feb 2023 2m read

Category: Investing and saving

Interest rates and inflation – what it means for your savings, debts and annuities

We explore what rising interest rates and inflation could mean for your savings, debt and annuities and what you can do.

Helen Morrissey

08 Feb 2023 6m read

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Investment themes in 2023 – what to watch

What’s next for the UK and US stock market, how could emerging markets and commodities fair? We share some top investment themes to keep an eye on in 2023.

Emma Wall

08 Feb 2023 5m read

Category: Investing and saving

How to invest in a recession

What a recession means for your investment strategy.

Robert Farago

08 Feb 2023 4m read

Category: Investing and saving

Back to bonds - what could the future hold?

Bonds had a calamitous 2022 – we look at what the future could hold.

Hal Cook

08 Feb 2023 6m read

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3 income share ideas for 2023

Looking for income? We take a closer look at three share ideas for 2023.

Derren Nathan

08 Feb 2023 3m read

Category: Shares

3 tech share ideas for 2023

Are there still opportunities in tech? We take a closer look.

Matt Britzman

08 Feb 2023 4m read

Category: Funds

Asia and emerging markets – what's next and where are the opportunities

Asian and emerging markets offer investors something different – a chance to add another layer of diversification to their portfolios. And with that can come opportunity.

Kate Marshall

08 Feb 2023 4m read