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Can I withdraw from my account the cash received from a corporate action?

Before you withdraw money by electronic transfer you need to set up a Nominated Bank Account. This can be done online via our secure website, or in writing. For security purposes you will need to validate an addition or change of your Nominated Bank Account. When you add or change a Nominated Bank Account we will post a validation code to the account holder at their registered address. You then simply log in to your online account and enter the code to confirm the changes.

Online: To withdraw money to your Nominated Bank Account simply log in, select the account you would like to withdraw from, go to the "Cash" section and choose "Withdraw money" from the quick links box. Payment will be made by Faster Payment and there is no charge for this service.

Telephone: Once you have set up your Nominated Bank Account please call our Client Accounts on 0117 980 9801 with your security details to withdraw money from your account.

Post: Please complete and return a Cash withdrawal form.

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