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How to change your loyalty bonus preferences

Loyalty bonus is a saving that HL provides against the ongoing charge of a fund. Here’s how to change your loyalty bonus preferences.

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Before you start

  • What you are able to do with your loyalty bonus payments will depend on when you bought the funds that generated them.  
  • Payments are only automatically reinvested when your loyalty bonus balance reaches £10. You can set this to a higher amount if you want. 

Change loyalty bonus preferences on the website

  1. Log in online to see your accounts.  
  2. Select ‘Loyalty bonus’ from the tab list. 
  3. Select ‘View’ next to the account you want to change.  
  4. Select ‘Options’ next to the grouping of funds you want to change.  
  5. Select to automatically reinvest into your largest fund, automatically reinvest into a fund of your choice, or to reinvest when you choose.   
  6. If you choose a fund of your choice, select the fund from the dropdown menu.  
  7. Select ‘Update’ to confirm.  
Change loyalty bonus preferences

What happens next

You’ll see a summary of the changes you have made.   

If you have chosen automatic reinvestment, this will be done when the balance reaches £10. You can also set this to a higher amount if you want.    

The fund manager will confirm details of the trade up to four working days in advance. The trade will then usually complete within 24 hours.   

You can see details in the ‘Pending orders’ section of your account. You will then get a contract note once the trade has completed, which you can find in ‘Portfolio history’. 

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