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How to add a SIPP beneficiary

You can choose one or more people to pass your SIPP on to when you die. Here's how to add a SIPP beneficiary in just a few steps. 

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Before you start

  • You will need your login details to hand. If you do not have online access to your SIPP, you can download and complete an 'Expression of Wish form'.  
  • You can choose to add Primary and Secondary beneficiaries. Primary beneficiaries are paid your SIPP if you die while being with HL. Secondary beneficiaries are paid your SIPP if your Primary beneficiary does not outlive you.

How to add a beneficiary on the website

  1. Log in online to see your accounts.   
  2. Select ‘Account Settings’ from the tab list. 
  3. Select ‘Manage SIPP beneficiaries’ from the list of options.   
  4. Select ‘Add Nominee’ under ‘SIPP Beneficiaries / Expression of wish'. 
  5. Select whether you are adding a ‘Primary’ or ‘Secondary’ beneficiary.  
  6. Select whether your beneficiary is an ‘Individual’, ‘Charity’, or ‘Trust’.  
  7. Enter the beneficiary details. For a trust, enter the name. For a charity, enter the name and registered charity number. For an individual, enter their name, address, relationship to you, and date of birth. 
  8. Select ‘Continue’.  
  9. Enter the percentage of your SIPP you'd like to allocate to your chosen beneficiary, making sure the total equals 100%. You can change this at any time.  
  10. Select ‘Save’ to confirm.  
Add SIPP beneficiary

What happens next

Your preferences will be taken into account when it’s time to pass on the money in your SIPP. 

You can add more beneficiaries by repeating the above process.  

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