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What happens to your SIPP when you die

Find out what happens to the money left in your SIPP when you die, including tax implications and inheritance.  

Your investments pass to your beneficiaries

Any money or investments still in your SIPP when you die will normally pass to your beneficiaries.  

These are the people you’ve chosen using your account settings online.  

Any withdrawals are tax-free before age 75

If you die before age 75 and your money passes to your beneficiaries, they will not have to pay tax on anything they withdraw.  

Withdrawals made if you die after 75 are usually taxed as income.  

Remember, tax rules can change in the future, so you should check the latest rules before you nominate a beneficiary.   

You can read more about passing on your pension on our website, or by downloading the SIPP beneficiary factsheet. 

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