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Morgan Stanley Sterling Corporate Bond Class F - Accumulation (GBP)

Sell:120.03p Buy:120.03p Change: 0.13p (0.11%)
Prices as at 27 March 2017
Change: 0.13p (0.11%)
You can buy or sell holdings in this fund through an ISA, Lifetime ISA, SIPP or Fund & Share Account
Prices as at 27 March 2017
Change: 0.13p (0.11%)
Prices as at 27 March 2017
You can buy or sell holdings in this fund through an ISA, Lifetime ISA, SIPP or Fund & Share Account
* Please note that there can be occasions when the Selling price shown may be temporarily higher than the Buying price. This can sometimes happen when the stock market is closed but it can also happen at other times for a variety of reasons. However, when the stock market is open and you place a trade, the selling price available to you will never be higher than the buying price. Live prices will be available when you place a deal with us during market hours. Please check these and contact us if you are unable to deal online.
Also available as income units Help

Charges and Savings

Initial charges
Initial charge: 0.00%
Initial saving from HL: 0.00%
HL dealing charge: Free
Net initial charge: 0.00%
Annual charges
Performance fee: No  
Ongoing charge (OCF/TER): 0.37% i
Ongoing saving from HL: 0.15% i
Net ongoing charge: 0.22%
There are other unit types of this fund available:
Inclusive - Class A - Income (GBP) (Net ongoing charge 0.50%)
Inclusive - Class A - Accumulation (GBP) (Net ongoing charge 0.50%)
Class F - Income (GBP) (Net ongoing charge 0.22%)

In some cases the ongoing savings are provided by our loyalty bonus. Loyalty bonuses are tax-free in an ISA or SIPP. However, they may be subject to tax in a Fund & Share Account which would, in effect, reduce their value and increase the net ongoing charge.

Other Information

Unit type: Unbundled
Fund launch date: 1 December 2000
Sector: GBP Corporate Bond
Fund size: £257 million
Number of holdings: 347
Fund type: OEIC
Accumulation/income: Accumulation
Dealing frequency: Daily
Valuation point: 12:00
Trustee: State Street Trustees Limited
Minimum investment: £100.00
Charges deducted from: Income
Available in a regular savings plan: Yes
Minimum regular savings value: £0.00


24/03/12 to 24/03/13 24/03/13 to 24/03/14 24/03/14 to 24/03/15 24/03/15 to 24/03/16 24/03/16 to 24/03/17
Annual return 12.94% 3.30% 11.36% -0.14% 8.18%

Please remember past performance is not a guide to future returns. Where no data is shown, figures are not available. This information is provided to help you choose your own investments, remember they can fall as well as rise in value so you may not get back the original amount invested.

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Our view on this fund

Morgan Stanley has built significant resource in their global fixed income team. This fund is managed as a relatively conservative, core corporate bond fund. As a small and nimble fund, it is able to take advantage of opportunities larger funds cannot exploit. It is generally more defensive than other funds...

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Fund Objective

The objective of the Fund is to provide an attractive rate of return through investment primarily in sterling corporate and other sterling non-gilt fixed interest securities. A proportion of the Fund may also invest in non-sterling fixed interest securities as well as UK gilts.

Income Details

Distribution yield : 3.20%
Income paid: Monthly
Type of payment: Interest
Ex-dividend date: 1 February 2017 1 March 2017 1 April 2017 1 May 2017 1 June 2017 1 July 2017 1 August 2017 1 September 2017 1 October 2017 1 November 2017 1 December 2017 1 January 2018
Payment date: 31 March 20174 30 April 20174 30 May 20174 30 June 20174 30 July 20174 31 August 20174 30 September 20174 31 October 20174 30 November 20174 31 December 20174 31 January 20184 28 February 20184

All yields are variable and not guaranteed. Information correct as at 28 February 2017.

Security Weight
Synthetic Cash-EUR EURO 8.32%
Bought GBP for EUR at 1.172832 27 Mar 2017 8.26%
LONG GILT JUN 17 3.21%
Synthetic Cash-USD US DOLLAR 1.40%
LLOYDS TSB BANK PLC:7.625 22APR2025 1.32%
INTESA SANPAOLO:5.250 28JAN2022 1.09%
BP CAPITAL MARKETS PLC:2.030 14FEB2025 0.98%
CITIGROUP INC:3.887 10JAN2028 0.98%
Sector Weight
Bonds 93.83%
Non-Classified 5.76%
Cash and Equiv. 0.41%
Country Weight
United Kingdom 42.80%
United States 9.20%
Non-Classified 7.63%
France 7.21%
Netherlands 6.73%
Germany 5.95%
Australia 3.95%
Italy 3.33%
Spain 2.89%
Sweden 2.12%

Prices provided by Morningstar, correct as at 27 March 2017. Data provided by Funds Library, correct as at 28 February 2017.


You can buy or sell holdings in this fund through an ISA, Lifetime ISA, SIPP or Fund & Share Account

Data received from the Fund Management Company administering this fund and provided to you for your information. Hargreaves Lansdown accepts no liability for the reliability or accuracy of the data provided by third parties.

4 If you elect to receive the income from a Vantage ISA or Vantage Fund & Share Account, we will collect any dividends for you and then pay them directly into your bank account within the first 10 working days of the following month.