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Photo of Richard

Richard's story

Richard holds his investments and savings under one roof, to help him manage his accounts with ease.

Please note: This case study is not personal advice. If you’re not sure what’s best for your situation, ask for financial advice.

"I’m an ex-accountant, who’s no longer working due to long-term ill health. My decision to invest with HL stemmed from a desire to explore opportunities to grow my money, as at the time, I was faced with low interest rates on my savings.

HL’s widespread presence in the media and its established reputation as a leading financial platform made it my go-to-choice when seeking an investment platform. Its prominence and credibility as a well-known brand instilled confidence in me from the outset.

I had an informal chat with one of HL's advisers which paved the way for me to open an HL Stocks and Shares ISA, with the hope of easily managing my funds and achieving better returns.

HL offers the chance to invest by Direct Debit. This option offers me a disciplined approach to invest for the future. It’s also extremely flexible as I’m able to adjust the Direct Debit according to my financial situation.

HL’s range of tools and insights, like the pension calculator, proved invaluable in shaping my investment and retirement decisions. It provided not only clarity, but it has also empowered me to plan for my future income with confidence.

Managing my ISA with HL is so engaging and informative. The accessibility of the fund information and the ease of managing my investments under one roof has significantly contributed to my overall financial strategy.

I now also hold my savings with HL. Active Savings has surprised me with its competitive rates and user-friendly interface.

Consolidating my savings with HL has enabled me to have a clearer overview of my finances. It’s also made it so much easier to have different terms and rates. For example, I have easy access and longer fixed terms all on the same platform.

I also hold an HL Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), and the ease of managing my investments stands out in comparison to other pension providers. Having a self-invested pension has allowed me to build a sizeable pot outside of my workplace pension. It also helps me to reduce my income for tax purposes.

Overall, my experience saving and investing with HL has been nothing short of excellent. With a seamless and motivating approach, HL has provided me with the tools and support needed to work towards my future goals. As I look ahead to retirement in seven years, I trust HL to continue to play a significant role in securing my financial future. I’ve even recommended HL to my family, my wife and children, who manage their accounts separately and are also very happy with the service."