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What is 'Amount available to invest'?

The 'Amount available to invest' is the amount of cash held on your account that could be used to invest.

The total cash figure is a sum of all the cash held in your capital account and your income and loyalty bonus account. However, as you are unable to invest directly from the income and loyalty account, the amount available to invest is reduced by the balance in the income account.

The capital account details your transactions, including your cash subscriptions, sales and purchases, cash withdrawals and interest receipts. The ‘Amount available to invest’ is the same as the balance on the capital account.

The income and loyalty bonus account details the dividends, interest payments, loyalty bonus and any associated tax credits which have been received into your account.

If you wish to move income to your capital account to make it available to invest, firstly select the relevant account e.g. HL Stocks and Shares ISA. This will bring up a list of your current holdings within this account. Click on the 'Cash' tab and you will be presented with a table with a link to 'Income account'. Once you have clicked on this link, you will be able to see your current income account balance on the right hand side. To move all or part of this balance, select 'Transfer your income balance to your capital account now'.

This will present you with a screen displaying the amount available to transfer and the description of where that amount came from. You are able to simply enter an amount of income you wish to transfer in the 'How much would you like to transfer?' box, or alternatively you can select the specific income to be transferred by selecting the appropriate tick box to the right of each entry in the table.

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