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What is 'Total Cash'?

The total cash figure is a sum of all the cash held in your capital account and your income and loyalty bonus account. However, as you are unable to invest directly from the income and loyalty account, the amount available to invest is reduced by the balance in the income account.

The capital account details your transactions, including your cash subscriptions, sales and purchases, cash withdrawals and interest receipts. The income and loyalty bonus account details the dividends, interest payments, loyalty bonus and any associated tax credits which have been received into your account.

Depending on your income instruction, money within the income account will be; automatically reinvested, paid out to your nominated bank account, or held on deposit. If your income instruction is set to deposit then this money will be transferred to your capital account balance on the tenth working day every month and reflected in the amount available to invest.

To view recent income payments online, you first need to log in to your account. This will take you to an overview of your portfolio, showing your accounts and their current value. From here you can click on the account name e.g. 'HL Fund and Share Account'. This will then list the individual holdings within your account. Simply click on the 'Transaction History' tab and you will see all your recent capital account transactions; however, to see your income account transactions you will need to select the 'Income Account' tab located below the ‘Transaction History’ tab.

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