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How to add money to a Junior SIPP

Adding money to your HL accounts gives you more to invest. Here's how to add money to a Junior SIPP.  

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Before you start

  • Your child’s money is not usually accessible until at least age 55 (57 from 2028). Make sure you are comfortable with this and have read the SIPP Key Features before you add money.  
  • Only the parent or guardian associated with the junior account can trade after money has been added.  
  • If you would like to add a regular amount of money each month, you can call us to set up a Direct Debit.

How to add money by debit card

Debit card payments can only be made into the Junior SIPP over the phone.  

How to add money by bank transfer

  1. Before making the payment, please confirm the transfer details by sending us the following information. You can send these either by secure message from within your HL account or by email to sippcontributions@hl.co.uk.

    The child's:
    - Full name
    - Address
    - Client number (if you have it)

    - Full name
    - Address
    - Payment amount

    The following confirmation:
    That you understand the payment is a gift and that you won’t have any further claim on the money in the future.

    Whether this should be treated as an employer contribution - Otherwise this payment will be treated as a personal contribution (and we will claim tax relief, which will be paid into the SIPP on top of your contribution). 
  2. Send the payment to:

    Bank account number: 03310401
    Sort code: 30 - 92 - 13
    Account name: HLPT Ltd SIPP Trustee A/C
    Reference: the child's client number and surname (e.g. 123456/Jones)

What happens next

We will process your payment and send you a confirmation, usually within one business day. 

Your ‘amount available to invest’ will update as soon as the payment is authorised, although the money may not leave your bank account until a few days later. 

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