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How to buy bonds

You can buy most bonds on our website, and you can call us to trade in more specific ones. Here’s how to do it. Like all investments, they can fall as well as rise in value, so you could get back less than you invest.

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Before you start

  • There needs to be enough uninvested money in your chosen account to cover the value of your trade.  
  • For higher-risk bonds, you need to have completed a complex investments questionnaire.  
  • You should fully research your chosen bond before you trade. This includes being comfortable with its current price, expected performance and the potential risks involved.  

How to buy on the website

  1. Log in online to see your accounts.  
  2. Select ‘Deal now’ from your chosen account’s Actions list.  
  3. To search for the bond, untick all the boxes except for 'Bonds and Gilts’ and enter the name of the one you want to buy.  
  4. Select ‘Invest’ next to your chosen bond.  
  5. Make sure you're happy with the estimated cost to buy. Read the risks of investing and charges.
  6. Enter the amount you want to invest and select 'Continue'.  
  7. Check the details, including the bond name and value / number of units you're buying.  
  8. Select ‘Place a deal now’ to confirm your trade.  
Buy bonds online

How to buy on the mobile app

  1. Select ‘Accounts’ in the bottom left corner.  
  2. Log in using the verification method you have set up.  
  3. Select the account you want to hold the bond.  
  4. Select ‘Deal’.  
  5. Search for the name of the bond you want to buy, then select it from the list. 
  6. Select ‘Buy’, then swipe to the left to see the current buying price.  
  7. If you're happy with this, enter the amount you wish to invest then select 'Continue'. 
  8. Read the risks of investing and charges, then select ‘Get quote’.  
  9. Check the details, including the fund name and value / number of units you're buying.  
  10. Select ‘Place deal’ to confirm your trade.

What happens next

You can track your trade’s status after logging in online. 

You’ll get a contract note once the trade has been confirmed, which you can find in your Transaction History. 

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