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What can I do with LoyaltyU?

There are three options for loyalty bonus earned on funds bought after 1 April 2014;

Automatically reinvested (Largest Holding)

Your loyalty bonus will be automatically reinvested into your largest holding when it reaches a minimum of £10.00. The automatic reinvestments take place monthly.

Automatically reinvested (Your Choice)

You can choose a fund from your current holdings where your loyalty bonus will be automatically reinvested into each month, when it reaches a minimum of £10.00.

Reinvest when you choose

Your loyalty bonus will be held in your income account as cash pending a reinvestment instruction from you. Under the rules of our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), loyalty bonus payments must be reinvested back into a fund. We are unable to pay this money out to your bank account or use it to pay fees. When your loyalty bonus has reached a minimum of £10.00 (or more) you will then, at a time of your choosing, be able to invest the balance in any of the funds (unit trusts/OEICs) you hold at that time. The minimum investment is £10.00 per fund.

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