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Why can't I log in?

If you’re having trouble logging in, there are a few things you can try to help solve the problem.  

Make sure you've registered for online access

If you haven’t already set up a username and security details, you will not be able to log in until you have registered for online access.

Clear cookies and cached data in your browser

This is usually in your browser’s settings. Depending on the one you use, it can often be found under the ‘Browsing data’ or ‘Browsing history’ header.  

Doing this will also clear saved data for other websites you visit. Make sure you have any important links or addresses saved before you do clear your data.    

This can be done in your browser’s Bookmarks. Select any bookmarks you have to the HL website and delete them.  

Then when you want to visit the website, enter www.hl.co.uk manually. 

Turn off the ‘Remember my details’ feature

When you enter your username and date of birth to log in online, make sure the ‘Remember my details’ box is unticked.   

Your details will now not auto-populate, and you’ll be asked to enter them manually each time. This reduces the risk of errors and gives you a better chance of logging in successfully.   

Turn off browser ‘Autocomplete’

If your security details still enter automatically when you go to log in, your browser 'Autocomplete' or 'Autofill' function could be filling in incorrect information.   

You can turn it off by going into the browser settings. It can usually be found under the ‘Autocomplete’ heading.   

Try a different web browser

There are plenty of browsers to try if you are still struggling to log in with your current one.  

Popular browsers include:  

  • Google Chrome  
  • Firefox  
  • Microsoft Edge  
  • Safari  
  • Opera  

Search for the relevant one then follow the on-screen steps to install it. 

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