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Junior ISA

Annual account charges

Charges for holding investments or cash in a Junior ISA

Funds Free
UK Shares Free
Overseas Shares Free
Investment Trusts Free
ETFs Free
Bonds and Gilts Free

The investments you choose may have their own charges, such as charges from a particular fund manager. You can find these in each investment’s Key Investor Information Document. A bid/offer spread may also apply - see our Guide to Fund Prices for details.

We do not charge directly for holding cash or for cash transactions, but we do retain some interest to cover our costs for cash management. See Interest Rates

The HL Junior ISA is designed for long-term investing, but you can hold cash while deciding where to invest.

Online dealing charges

Funds Free
UK Shares Free
Overseas Shares Free
ETFs Free
Bonds and Gilts Free

Investing by Direct Debit

Funds Free
Shares Free
ETFs Free
Investment Trusts Free

Telephone and postal dealing

For share trades placed over the phone or by post we charge 1% (minimum £20, maximum £50), plus our usual foreign exchange conversion fees for overseas shares.

Account charges

Opening an account Free
Closing an account Free
Transfers in Free
Transfers out (as stock or cash) Free
Quarterly statements Free

Other charges

Government taxes and levies (per deal)

UK Stamp Duty 0.5% on purchases of UK shares (round up to the nearest £5 for residual shares)
PTM (Panel on Takeover and Mergers) £1 on UK share deals over £10,000
Irish Stamp Duty 1% on purchases of Irish shares
French Financial Transactions Tax 0.3% on purchases of certain French shares
Spanish Financial Transactions Tax 0.2% on purchases of certain Spanish shares
Italian Financial Transactions Tax 0.1% on purchases of certain Italian shares

Other charges may apply in specific circumstances - see the terms and conditions for details.

I can speak to someone on the phone and everything is explained in a very helpful and easy to understand way.



Boring Money Awards 2023

The Personal Finance Awards 2022/2023

Times Money Mentor 2022

Help and support

If you have any questions about the Junior ISA, you can speak to one of our client support experts by calling 0117 900 9000.

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