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Open an Active Savings account

What you need

  • 10 minutes. This is how long it should take to open your account.
  • Your debit card details to deposit money into your Active Savings Account if you want to start saving straight away.
  • Your sort code and account number for the account you’d like to withdraw money into.

Start saving when you’re ready

  • You don’t need any money when you first open your account.
  • When you’re ready, use your debit card to deposit your money before choosing your products.

Things to remember

  • You can only manage your Active Savings Account online and we’ll send information by secure message or email.
  • You can call our Bristol-based Helpdesk if you need any support.
  • You may need to pay Income Tax on interest you earn. Learn more about Income Tax.
  • The cash hub is a temporary home for your money while you decide where to put it. It will not earn any interest in the cash hub, and if you leave it there for 30 days it may be returned to you.

For your added peace of mind

  • When your money is in a savings product, the FSCS will protect up to £85,000 of your eligible deposits per banking licence. Read more about protection of your money.
  • Any money in the cash hub is held in a separate account with Barclays Bank plc. It’s either protected through the FCA’s safeguarding rules if Hargreaves Lansdown Savings Ltd were to fail, or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) if Barclays were to fail.
  • If you’re inactive in your account for 5 minutes, you’ll be logged out.
  • If you 1) log in via the website or 2) use the app but you have not set up fingerprint or face login, we will send you a 5-digit code each time you log in via your choice of text message or automated phone call. We do not need to send you a code if you log into the mobile app with your fingerprint or face. However, we will send a one-off code to verify your device when you first log in using your fingerprint or face.

Open your Active Savings Account

By opening an Active Savings account, you agree to our terms, so please make sure you’ve read and understood:

If you have any questions, please contact us.

If you already have an HL account, log in and we'll prepopulate some of the application to speed things up. If you're new to HL you can continue without logging in.