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Supporting life events

We understand life isn't always easy - we're here to support you through the good and bad


If you or someone you care about is living with dementia, we can support you.

More about dementia

Mental health and support

If you’re worried about how your mental health might be impacting the way you manage your HL account, we can help.

Mental health and support

Need some support?

There are lots of ways we can make things easier for you, including giving you extra support when you call us, or sending information in a different format.

Find out how we can help


What to do when someone dies.

More about bereavement

Coping with a gambling addiction

If an addiction is impacting how you manage your HL account we can help.

More about gambling addiction

Economic abuse

We know economic and domestic abuse are complex issues, but we're here to help.

More about economic abuse

Supporting someone else

How to support someone with managing their finances.

How to support someone else