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Free investment guides & tools

What you need to know about investments and pensions

Whether you're new to funds, shares and pensions or an experienced investor, our free expert guides, articles and interactive calculators can help you make the most of your money.

Free expert guides

Request the Guide to NISAs

NISAs can be great if you're looking for a tax-efficient and flexible way to invest. Discover how they can help you invest for your future and get the most from your money.

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Request your Guide to Saving Tax

Saving Tax
Less tax means higher investment returns and income for you - it's that simple. With these tax saving tips you can hand over less of your profit and income to the taxman.

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Request your Guide to Equity Income

Equity Income
Equity income has been a favourite of our investment research team for more than 30 years. Find out about its potential to offer you a rising income and capital growth in this guide.

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Request your Guide to Options at Retirement

Your Options at Retirement
Choosing how to take your pension benefits is one of the most important financial decisions you will make. Use this guide to discover your options and the pros and cons of each.

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Request your Guide to SIPPs

Shattering the myth SIPPs are complex and costly this guide will show you how a SIPP could help you take control and benefit from a wider choice of investments.

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Articles, interviews & expert comment

Pension freedoms given the green light

Tom McPhail | 21 July 2014

Pension freedoms given the green light

Today, pension freedom got the go ahead from the government. We explain what the new rules are and what they might mean for you. Read article.

How to retire now and still have pension freedom next year

How to retire now and still have pension freedom next year

18 July 2014

Ruth Richards explains how investors can retire now yet still take advantage of pension freedoms next April. Read article.

The power of dividends

The power of dividends

17 July 2014

Shares Research Editor Sam Moody looks at the significant impact of reinvesting dividend income on overall returns. Read article.

What if the ISA allowance had always been £15,000?

What if the ISA allowance had always been £15,000?

16 July 2014

Joel Lewis looks at how much tax investors could have saved if the ISA allowance was £15,000 when they launched in 1999. Read article.

Inflation rises unexpectedly

Inflation rises unexpectedly

15 July 2014

Senior Economist Ben Brettell discusses the implications of today's surprise jump in inflation. Read article.

Why have these renowned emerging market investors turned positive on India?

Why have these renowned emerging market investors turned positive on India?

11 July 2014

First State's highly regarded Asia Pacific team believe the future looks bright for the Indian economy and are finding more opportunities in India than at any time in recent memory. Read article.

Interactive calculators

Our calculators are designed to save you time and effort. Whether you are reviewing your pensions and savings or working out how much you could save by holding your investments with Hargreaves Lansdown these calculators are invaluable.

Annuity calculator

Featured: annuity delay calculator

How long could it take to catch up on income lost by delaying you annuity?

Calculate the estimated cost of delaying your annuity »

Investment Times

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Investment Times

Market insight from Peter Hargreaves, Mark Dampier and our award-winning research team, including the other side of the equation - we take stock of world markets following a strong five year run. Plus fund managers Leigh Harrison and Richard Colwell highlight some favourite shares.

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