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Nick Train on Diageo

Nick Train on Diageo

Nick Train | 1 August 2014

We asked fund manager Nick Train for his views on Diageo following yesterday's results announcement. Read article.

  • Two Japanese ETF Strategies
  • Two Japanese ETF Strategies

    Adam Laird | 30 July 2014

    In this month’s Investment Times, we highlighted Japan as a country with appealing valuations. Adam Laird looks at how investors can use ETFs in Japanese markets. Read article.

  • Sterling's tour de force
  • Sterling's tour de force

    Chris Saint | 22 July 2014

    The main British hopes might be out of the Tour de France, but sterling continues to lead the pack. Currency Analyst Chris Saint explains why. Read article.

  • Another bite of the cherry
  • Another bite of the cherry

    Kate Marshall | 29 July 2014

    On several measures valuations today remain as compelling as they were five years ago, suggesting those yet to invest haven't missed the boat. Read article.

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