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Financial guidance or advice?


What's HL responsible for?

We’ll give you financial information and education to help you make informed decisions. This might be through articles, guides, tools and calculators.

What are you responsible for?

Unlike when you take advice, you’ll be responsible for making sure the decisions you make are right for your individual circumstances and your needs.


What's HL responsible for?

We’re responsible for making personal recommendations suitable for your needs and circumstances. A qualified and regulated HL adviser will provide these for a fee. We’re accountable for the recommendations we make.

What are you responsible for?

You’re responsible for making sure the information you provide to your HL adviser is as accurate and up to date as possible.

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When do people choose to take financial advice?

Financial advice can be beneficial at any stage of life or when facing significant financial decisions. These are some of the most common times people seek financial advice:

  • Life transitions - Events like marriage, buying a home, divorce, or children's education
  • Career changes - Help with managing income, benefits, and savings
  • Retirement planning - Strategies for saving, investing, and planning to ensure a secure and comfortable retirement
  • Inheritance - Help with managing sudden wealth wisely
  • Tax planning - Strategies to minimise tax liabilities and maximise savings
  • Market fluctuations - Investment strategies to help navigate economic uncertainty

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Cost of financial advice

Our financial advisers typically charge 1-2% of the assets advised upon (+VAT where applicable, minimum charges apply).

Advice on the transfer of any secured benefit, such as a defined benefit pension (a final salary pension), will be subject to a separate charging structure.

For an extra charge, ongoing advice is available on a yearly basis if you request it, or you can come back to us in future if your circumstances change.

Financial advice charges