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Financial Advice Charges

Initial Financial Advice

Investment advice


of the first £1 million invested

No charge

on the balance over £1 million

Complex financial planning


of the first £200,000 invested


between £200,000 and £1 million

No charge

on the balance over £1 million

*Subject to a minimum charge of £495 for telephone advice, or £1,495 for face-to-face advice. Please note, VAT charged in addition where applicable.

For more information on the different types of advice, please read our 'Key facts about our costs and services'.

Ongoing Financial Advice

HL Review Service

0.365% per annum

of the value of investments under review

For values over £1 million, the charge shall be set by individual agreement. Please note ongoing Financial Advice is only available after initial advice, and allows us to review the continued suitability of our initial recommendations. VAT charged in addition where applicable.

Where an investment transaction is unlikely to take place, you can agree a fixed charge with your Financial Adviser. The charge will be based on the above tariff and be proportionate to the work involved. An estimate can be provided on request and any charge will be agreed with you before any work is carried out.

Download our guide to Financial Advice for more information on the types of advice and the costs

Further information: All advisers are required to provide you with a 'Key facts about our costs and services' document, which outlines their charges for advice.

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