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inheritance tax advice

Inheritance tax and estate planning advice

Get help navigating complex inheritance tax rules and pass on your estate in a tax efficient way.

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What is inheritance tax?

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is the tax your pay on your estate when you pass away. IHT is usually paid at 40% on the value of your estate (your property, money and possessions) over the £325,000 allowance (the normal nil rate band). There’s also an additional allowance of up to £175,000 if you pass on your family home to children or grandchildren. And, for any joint assets, you only include the value of your share.

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Why take inheritance tax advice?

Inheritance tax (IHT) and the rules can be complicated, and everyone wants to pass on as much to their loved ones as they possibly can. An expert adviser can help you navigate the rules and pass on more of your wealth.

After taking inheritance tax advice you will:

  • Understand how the rules apply to your situation
  • Get expert recommendations on how to pass on your assets in a tax efficient way
  • Have greater control of how and when you pass on your wealth

You may think you can leave inheritance tax planning until your later years. But it can be worthwhile planning earlier. Some tax rules come with a time limit so it’s important to get everything in order.

Your adviser will help you discover how you’ll be affected by IHT. They’ll help you put strategies and solutions in place to help pass on more to your loved ones.

Please note: Tax rules can and do change and their benefits depend on your individual circumstances. Your adviser may suggest you get legal or accounting advice to complement their advice.

Get to know our inheritance tax experts

All advisers must have a diploma in financial planning (or equivalent) which is recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority and complete training and development each year to keep their knowledge up to date.

The majority of our advisers’ qualifications are awarded by the Chartered Institute of Insurers (CII) and they are members of the Personal Finance Society (PFS).

Our advisers hold specialist, industry recognised qualifications and can help you navigate the rules around IHT.

Rest assured all our advisers are fully qualified to advise you on IHT advice.

Our advisers

We are chartered financial planners

Publicly committed to a client-first approach.

Find out what this means for you

We are chartered financial planners

Publicly committed to a client-first approach.

Find out what this means for you

Publicly committed to a client-first approach.

Find out what this means for you

How much does inheritance tax advice cost?

Our financial advisers typically charge 1-2% (+VAT where applicable, minimum charges apply) of the assets advised upon for complex areas such as inheritance tax and estate planning.

We don’t believe in tying people into yearly reviews so with HL you can choose one-off advice. For an extra charge ongoing advice is available on a yearly basis, if you request it, or you can come back to us in future if your circumstances change.

Our advisers will always look at your circumstances and plans as a whole before giving inheritance tax planning recommendations.

More about our charges

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Book a call with our advisory helpdesk

Book a call with our advisory helpdesk to start your financial advice journey. They’re here to answer any outstanding questions you have about inheritance tax advice.

There’s no obligation to take advice and there’s no hard sell. In fact, they’ll let you know about our free information and tools if advice is not for you.

They won’t provide personalised advice but if you’re happy, they’ll put you in touch with an adviser. Your adviser will work with you to ensure you’re comfortable with the service you’ve chosen, that you’re getting the right level of advice you need and understand the charges involved.

Please note: We can only provide advice to UK residents. If you’re resident overseas, unfortunately we’re unable to advise you.

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