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  • Take more control of your finances with our Asset Register

    We've created an Asset Register to help make managing your family's finances as easy as possible.

    Only four out of ten couples share joint responsibility for long-term financial planning, with men far more likely to take on this role solely*. Taking sole responsibility for the finances might be tempting, especially if one of you is more financially minded, more interested or has more to invest. But it could create stress further down the line, especially if either of you were to pass away suddenly or even if you were to separate.

    Dealing with all the admin following a separation or bereavement can be time consuming and challenging. Juggling all the emotions and the need to find key documents and information, (like details of the Will, bank accounts, life policies, pensions and investments) can be particularly difficult.

    To help you make the process of managing your family's financial matters as straightforward as possible, we've created an Asset Register.

    *HL Survey, April 2021, 1428 respondents.

    What is an 'Asset Register'?

    Our asset register gives you a place to record and manage all of your key financial information from who your Will is held with and powers of attorney details, to where you invest your money.

    It's a place where you can document all your important financial information so your spouse, children or significant other can deal with things when they need to.

    Using our asset register will help you:

    • Prepare for the unexpected
    • Save time by keeping an up to date record of your assets
    • Be at ease knowing you and your family are well prepared for the future
    • Ensure the wellbeing of your family's future finances

    How to use our Asset Register

    Fill out all of the sections that are relevant to you. Save it on your computer or, if you're using a printed version keep it with your other important documents. But remember to tell someone where to find them.

    Sit down with your significant other and talk through it, outlining each section so you're both clear about how your family's finances work.

    Make sure your asset register is only shared with those close to you, as you'll be documenting personal information.

    If you work with a financial adviser, arrange a meeting with your partner and your adviser so that should the time come, they'll feel confident about who they should contact for support.

    Download your asset register

    Case study – how financial advice can help too

    An asset register is a great tool for keeping track of all your financial information. It's there to support you and your family for when you need it most. But sometimes you might need a little more help too.

    When Kathleen's husband Colin was diagnosed with cancer, he was determined to make sure that Kathleen had everything she needed so she could manage the couple's finances. Colin began creating a spreadsheet with all of the important information about their finances, pensions, wills and much more.

    The couple shared their asset register with their son, who's been supporting Kathleen and been involved in HL meetings since Colin's death.

    Colin had been a client of HL since 2010 and took the lead when it came to the family's financial decisions. While Kathleen was aware of what was happening, she never played an active part in any key decisions.

    Colin used to joke "If you went first, I'd starve because I can't cook and if I went first, you'll starve because you wouldn't know where the money is".

    After creating his own asset register Colin arranged a meeting with Lee, his financial adviser at HL. He asked Lee how they could 'simplify' everything so when the time came it would be as straightforward as possible for Kathleen. Putting himself in the client's shoes he put both Colin and Kathleen completely at ease by saying, "Just call me whenever you need to".

    Lee never makes me feel like I've asked a silly question, he speaks to me in a way I understand and makes things manageable. Knowing I can call him for support gives me tremendous peace of mind.

    Without the help of HL, I would have really struggled, and things could have been extremely different.


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