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How to change your fee preferences

You can change the order of where we collect fees from based on how you plan to use the money in each account. Here’s how to change your collection options.

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How to change preferences on the website

  1. Log in online to see your accounts. 
  2. Select ‘Account settings’ from the tab list.   
  3. Select ‘Fees and minimum cash balance’.  
  4. Under Fee collection options, select ‘Edit fee collection options’.   
  5. Select the option you’d like for each account based on how you plan to use the money.  
  6. To learn more about each option, select the question mark icon.  
  7. Select ‘Save’ to confirm.  
Change fee collection options

What happens next

We’ll try to take your fees from where you have selected. 

You can change your collection options again at any time.  

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