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Taking your fees

We take most HL fees from your accounts automatically. Here's how it works, and what you need to be aware of about the process. 

How and when your fees are taken

We take fees automatically from your accounts at the beginning of the month from the cash (uninvested money) across your accounts.

We try to take money from across your accounts in a set order, and where we eventually take it from will depend on the amount available at the time.

The default order for collecting fees is:

  1. Money paid back as a Loyalty Bonus
  2. Income from investments in that particular account
  3. Any other uninvested money in that particular account
  4. Money in your Fund and Share Account (if you have one)

You can change where we take money from

It’s possible to change the order of where we take fees.

There are three options available depending on whether you want to:

  • Take an income  
  • Take the maximum income  
  • Pay fees from outside of an ISA or SIPP  

For example, if you want to grow the maximum income in your account, we’ll take your fees from your Loyalty Bonus, uninvested money and Fund and Share Account instead. You can change your fee collection options after logging in online to see your accounts.

We will sell investments to cover fees if needed

If there is not enough uninvested money across your accounts, we will normally sell a small number of shares or units of your largest fund, or largest number of shares if you do not hold funds, to cover your fees.   

We’ll sell enough to pay off your outstanding fees and restore your Suggested Minimum Cash Balance. But, if the sale is worth more than 90% of your investment’s value, we will sometimes sell the whole investment.  

There is no charge for this.

You can pay fees by debit card

If you’d prefer to pay your account fees by debit card, you can do this on the website.  

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