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How to set fee selling notifications

If there is not enough uninvested money in your accounts to cover your fees, we may sell some of your investments. Here’s how to be notified before this happens. 

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How to set notifications on the website

  1. Log in online to see your accounts. 
  2. Select ‘Account settings’ from the tab list.   
  3. Select ‘Fees and minimum cash balance’.  
  4. Under Collecting fees from your investments, select ‘Edit alert’.  
  5. Select to receive notifications if your investments are about to be sold.  
  6. Select ‘Save’ to confirm.  
Set fee selling notifications

What happens next

We’ll email you before we sell any investments. This will give you time to add more uninvested money to cover your fees or sell investments yourself if needed.  

You can also pay your fees by debit card if they are due. 

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