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How to change your Suggested Minimum Cash Balance

The minimum cash balance is the amount we suggest you keep uninvested in your account to cover fees. Here’s how to set your own minimum cash balance.

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Before you start

Your minimum cash balance is only suggested, so we will not automatically keep this amount of money for fees. You will need to make sure there is enough uninvested money available each month. 

How to change on the website

  1. Log in online to see your accounts. 
  2. Select ‘Account settings’ from the tab list.   
  3. Select ‘Fees and minimum cash balance’.  
  4. Under Minimum cash balance, select ‘Edit minimum cash balance’.   
  5. Select to set your own minimum cash balance for a specific account, then enter an amount in the box, or select the button to go back to the default suggested balance.  
  6. Select ‘Save’ to confirm.  
Change suggested minimum cash balance

What happens next

Your new minimum cash balance will show in your selected account. 

You should try and keep your uninvested money amount above this to cover your fees.  

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