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Why am I having trouble logging in?

If you are experiencing difficulties logging into the secure section of our website or are being asked to log in repeatedly at inappropriate times during a session we would suggest clearing your internet cache. If using a Windows PC, you can do this by holding 'control' and pressing 'F5' whilst on the relevant web page.

Hopefully this will resolve the issue for you however if it does not it is worth trying a more extensive reset. To do this please hold 'control' and 'shift' and then while holding these press the 'delete' key. This will open a window titled 'Clear browsing data'. If there is an option to set the time range to clear, please set that to the furthest back you can and ensure that if 'Preserve favourites website data' appears then that is not ticked. You will also then need to check that any option that mentions 'Cookies' or 'Website data' are ticked and then confirm this action with the 'Delete' or 'Clear browsing data' button at the bottom of this window. If using Safari, navigate to the privacy tab, and click 'Remove All Website Data'.

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