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How to reset your Online Password or Secure Number

If you’ve forgotten your Online Password or Secure Number, here's how to recover or reset them and log back in to see your accounts in just a few steps.   

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Before you start

If you know your login details and just want to make changes, you can change them in your account without having to reset them.   

How to reset on the website

  1. Select 'Log in' in the top right-hand corner of the website  
  2. Enter your username   
  3. Enter your date of birth using the format ddmmyy. For example, if you were born on 1 January 1970, enter 010170 without spaces, commas or other characters  
  4. Select ‘Continue’  
  5. Select ‘Forgot your Online Password?’ or ‘Forgot your Secure Number?’  
  6. Enter your security details, including the answer to your chosen security question, and select ‘Continue’  
  7. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, we’ll also send a verification code to your preferred phone number by SMS or call back. Enter this code into the box in full and select ‘Log in’  
  8. Enter the new Online Password or Secure Number you have chosen   
  9. Select ‘Update’ to confirm  
Reset details

What happens next

You will be able to log in with your new details once you have finished updating them.  

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